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How Big Are Twin Or Twin Xl Size Beds? (FIND OUT HERE)

How Big Are Twin Or Twin Xl Size Beds? (FIND OUT HERE)

Can you tell the difference between a Twin and Twin XL Size bed? Well, before choosing between the two, understand the difference in their sizes and the features of each.

Twin and Twin XL Beds are both thirty-nine inches wide. However, they differ in length, with the Twin beds being seventy-five inches and Twin XL, eighty inches. The extra length makes the Twin XL ideal for tall sleepers.

Twin beds were introduced in the 1900s as a health precaution to stop couples from passing germs. According to Lancaster University's Hilary Hinds, Twin beds later fell out of popularity in the 1960s. The reason was that many saw it as an indication of a failing marriage.

Twin XL beds were introduced in the 1970s after research revealed that human height was increasing. According to the Wall Street Journal, the Twin XL beds came in to accommodate the increase in height.

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What Is The Size Of A Twin-Size Bed?

A standard twin-size bed is 39 inches wide by 75 inches long by 7.5 inches high. Many parents prefer using twin-size beds in their children's rooms. The beds save up a lot of space without compromising your kid's comfort.

What Is The Size Of A Twin XL Bed?

While the Twin XL bed has the exact dimensions as the Twin bed, it is 5 inches longer. The length is to fit taller people. As a result, Twin XL beds can be a good investment for your little apartment.

What Is The Minimum Bedroom Size?

Twin XL beds can fit well in rooms as narrow as 7 feet. However, the bed can fit naturally in an eight by ten feet bedroom. The room must be at least seven by nine feet without extra furniture.

What Are The Mattress Sizes?

Mattresses for both Twin and Twin XL beds are available online and in different shops at affordable prices. A standard Twin mattress measures 38 by 75 inches, while Twin XL dimensions are 38 by 80 inches.

The length of a Twin XL mattress is equal to that of a Queen or king-sized bed. Therefore, two Twin XL mattresses will be perfect for a single king-size bed. Such makes the twin XL mattresses more expensive.

Who Should Sleep In A Twin Bed?

With a length of 75 inches, Twin beds can only accommodate up to six-foot-tall sleepers. The use of Twin beds in middle-class households has been common since 1900. Many parents prefer using them in their children's bedrooms and guest rooms.

Twin beds are the next step in many homes after a child outgrows their crib. The beds are very comfortable, and you can join them to create a bunk bed.

Do Two Twin Beds Make A Queen?

In the 1950s, couples on Television shows would join two twin beds to create a single bed. However, joining two Twin beds does not make a queen-size bed. A queen-size bed has a dimension of sixty by eighty inches, giving two thirty-inch mattresses when you divide.

In addition, twin beds are shorter than Queen-size beds, whose length is eighty inches. Therefore, joining two twin beds creates a surface area that is too wide and too short for a Queen-size bed sheet.

Who Should Sleep In A Twin XL Bed?

The five-inch length difference between the Twin and Twin XL beds allows for extra room on the beds. Twin XL beds are suitable for people taller than six-foot or shorter people that require more sleeping ground. It is also ideal for people who share their beds with pets like cats and dogs.

Due to its surface area, the bed is typical in college dorms. It is very comfortable, especially for those that sleep straight like logs. However, a Twin XL bed might not be the best option if you toss and turn in your sleep.

Is Twin XL Better Than Twin?

Twin XL beds are more versatile than Twin beds due to their height. For this reason, it is the best option for parents with kids who show signs of growing tall. However, this does not mean that Twin XL beds are any better than Twin beds in their effectiveness.

Benefits Of Twin And Twin XL Beds

Twin and Twin XL beds are excellent investments in your home. Depending on the material that makes the bed, the durability of these beds varies. A good Twin or Twin XL bed will last your kid from when they outgrow their cribs through college.


Both beds have a design that makes them small enough to fit your tiny room or apartment, leaving more space. In addition, both Twin and Twin XL beds make perfect bunk beds. Therefore, stacking up two or more beds to create a bunk bed is possible.

Save Space

While both the Twin and Twin XL beds are small, the Twin saves more space. Twin XL beds are a more extended version of the Twin. They serve the same purpose, except that Twin XL is more accommodating. Therefore, buying a Twin is the best option if you do not need the extra length.


If you are on a budget, Twin and Twin XL mattresses are the best options. Not only are the beds available with ease, but they also offer you maximum comfort at a friendly price. For this reason, Twin and Twin XL beds are standard in children's homes and hospitals.


Buying a big bed for your child once they outgrow their cribs could be a waste. Twin beds are the safest option for your children as they are big enough to allow them comfort. In addition, you can customize your children's beds for maximum safety and comfort.


The main downside of buying a Twin bed or Twin XL bed is that it is not accommodating. It may also not be the best option for those who occupy a lot of space in their sleep. The reason for this is that it is only 39 inches wide.

What To Consider Before Buying Twin Or Twin XL Beds

Twin and Twin XL beds are similar in many ways. Therefore, how will you know what is best for you? Well, below are a few factors to consider before deciding between a Twin and a Twin XL bed;


If you are looking for a bed that fits your child's bedroom, go for the Twin bed. On the other hand, the Twin XL is the best option for college dorms and guest rooms. The reason is that the 5-inch difference on the Twin XL allows it to accommodate people taller than six feet.


Twin beds, beddings, and accessories are more available than Twin XL. However, the Twin XL beds and mattresses have the same length as a Queen. Therefore, you can buy Queen-size bed sheets for your Twin XL bed instead.


A Twin XL bed ranges from $100 to $1,000, while twin beds cost between $100 to $600. While both beds are available in the market, they differ in price and availability. For instance, metallic Twin and Twin XL beds are cheaper and easier to find.

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Are Twin XL Beds Suitable For Couples?

While a Twin XL bed is longer than the Twin, it is still not a good option for couples. Its width is still equal to a standard Twin bed and therefore fit for one person. However, two Twin XL beds equal a King Size bed. The arrangement is called a 'Split King' arrangement.

The 'Split King' arrangement comes in handy when you have differences with your partner on what mattress to buy. Instead of purchasing a single king-size mattress, two Twin XL mattresses could work.

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The only difference between the Twin and the twin XL bed is height, with the latter being 5-inches longer. They both accommodate just one sleeper. However, the XL is best for tall sleepers or people sharing beds with pets.

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