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Can I Wash a Tempurpedic Pillow? Here's What Experts Say

Can I Wash a Tempurpedic Pillow? Here's What Experts Say

Using the right pillow can spell the difference between having a good night's sleep and a non-rejuvenating one. Because enjoying a restful sleep is of utmost importance in this fast-paced world where everybody can easily wind up stressed, pillows out of memory foam are selling like hotcakes.

Tempurpedic pillows are some of those that are getting a lot of attention. If you have one, you know that it is not as easy on the pocket as most other pillows in the market. This is why you may be wondering if you should wash it or not to make it last for a long time.

So, here are the rules to know when you asking whether you can wash Tempurpedic pillows:

Never put Tempurpedic pillows into the washing machine. The removable case, on the other hand, can be machine washed. Frequently expose a Tempurpedic pillow to the air to keep it smelling fresh. Spot cleaning using mild detergent and cold water is great for removing stains.

Taking good care of your Tempurpedic pillow is a must if you want it to take good care of your head, neck, and shoulders each time you take a trip to dreamland.

Although many can attest that it is very good at doing its job, unfortunately, cleaning it is not an easy task. It has its own set of special cleaning and deodorizing requirements.

Treating it as a regular pillow can cause damage to the delicate material that it is made of. Don't stop reading now if you want to know how you can keep your Tempurpedic pillow be of service to you for many nights to come.

Getting to Know It More

Before we start talking about how you can keep your Tempurpedic pillow looking clean and smelling fresh, let us first learn more about it — what it is and why it is stealing the spotlight away from other pillows.

A Tempurpedic pillow is made of memory foam called Tempur. However, it's no ordinary memory foam that you can find in most other expensive pillows out there.

The maker of Tempur is the one that came up with memory foam for use by NASA. Needless to say, it is capable of coming up with space age-quality material.

This is why a Tempurpedic pillow is admired by many. It is known to provide the right amount of support for the head, neck, and shoulders. By keeping them properly aligned, you can enjoy a good night's sleep as well as avoid experiencing aches, pains, and stiffness the following morning.

Currently, you can choose from an array of Tempurpedic pillows. There are models perfect for back sleepers, and there are models ideal for side sleepers. Some are designed for stomach sleepers.

Keeping It Fresh-Smelling

Just because a Tempurpedic pillow is no ordinary pillow doesn't mean that it cannot end up smelly as other pillows.

While it is capable of making sure that your head, neck, and shoulders are getting all the support that they need as you sleep, sadly, it cannot keep itself from absorbing sweat and oils, which can make it stink after some time.

Fortunately, it is easy to make your Tempurpedic pillow smelling nice again so that you may enjoy high-quality sleep once more. After removing it from its case, you can choose from the following ways:

  • Roll and unroll. Sometimes, all your Tempurpedic pillow needs is to release stale air and absorb the fresh one. You can do this by rolling it in one direction, and then unrolling it. Afterward, roll it in the opposite direction and then unroll. Do this a few times. The best place to perform this is outside your home.
  • Place under direct sunlight. Did you know that the sun's UV rays can eliminate odor-causing bacteria? This is why placing your Tempurpedic pillow under direct sunlight can help make it smell fresh once again. Such is also good for getting rid of dust mites, which is great if you are having allergy-like symptoms in the morning.
  • Dust with baking soda. Especially among people who are into DIY projects and all-natural remedies, it's no secret that baking soda is a phenomenal odor remover. This is why allowing generous amounts of baking soda to sit on your Tempurpedic pillow for a couple of hours is effective for removing bad odor.

Feel free to combine two or more tips above if you want to make sure that your Tempurpedic pillow is free of unfavorable odors that can keep you from having some top-notch Zs.

Removing Unsightly Stains

As you can see, making your Tempurpedic pillow free of nasty smells is rather easy. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said when it comes to cleaning it.

Unlike many types of pillow, it is not recommended to machine wash it. That's because Tempur can end up damaged if it comes into contact with lots of water for a long time.

Needless to say, it is also a bad idea to hand wash your Tempurpedic pillow. When it comes to cleaning your trusted sleep companion, you need to make sure that you minimize contact with water.

The good news is that you can machine wash its case, although it pays to follow the cleaning directions that the product's manufacturer suggests.

When it comes to cleaning the memory foam itself, there is only one recommended solution. It's none other than spot cleaning your Tempurpedic pillow, and the following are the steps to take:

  1. Remove the case. Follow the manufacturer's cleaning instructions, although most cases for Tempurpedic pillows are out of fabrics that can be machine washed safely.
  • Combine mild detergent and cold water. Refrain from using strong detergent, especially one that contains bleach to keep Tempur out of harm's way.
  • Dip a clean towel or cotton cloth in the mixture. After dipping it, squeeze out excess and gently rub on problem spots using circular motions. Repeat as necessary.
  • Go for a white towel or cloth. By the way, make sure that you use a white-colored towel or piece of cloth for the job. Otherwise, its color may rub off on the memory foam.
  • Allow it to dry naturally. Never toss your Tempurpedic pillow in the dryer afterward. The best way to dry it is by taking it outside, placing it under direct sunlight, or with an electric fan.
  • Put it back in its case. Avoid using your Tempurpedic pillow without placing it in its case beforehand. This helps avoid the need to clean Tempur frequently.

If you have further questions about properly cleaning the product, you may try getting in touch with the after-sales support of the vendor or manufacturer. It is better safe than sorry!

How to Minimize Cleaning

After cleaning your Tempurpedic pillow the right way, there are steps that you may take to minimize the need to clean the product all the time. Here are some of the ones that you may follow:

  • Place it in a pillowcase. Aside from the case with which it came, you may also put a standard pillowcase on your Tempurpedic pillow. Doing so allows you to protect its case as well as Tempur, and also let you maintain a coordinated or cohesive bedroom.
  • Shower before you hop into bed. Your face and hair can easily collect dirt and grime, which can get transferred to your Tempurpedic pillow. This is why it is a good idea to step foot inside the shower before you hit the hay to wash your face and hair, too.
  • Keep your bedroom cool. According to sleep experts, it is a good idea for your bedroom's temperature to range from 60°F to 67°F (15.5°C to 19.4°C). This helps make it easier for you to get high-quality sleep, and it can also save your Tempurpedic pillow from sweat.

Follow the tips suggested above, and you can keep your Tempurpedic looking clean and smelling fresh for a long time, thus sparing you from the need to wash and deodorize it constantly.

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Before You Clean Yours

Never treat a Tempurpedic pillow like it's an ordinary pillow. Because it is made of a delicate type of memory foam, it needs to be treated with great care. Keep in mind the simple deodorizing and cleaning tips above, and you can enjoy your Tempurpedic pillow for many years to come!

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How long do Tempurpedic pillows last? Usually, Tempurpedic pillows can last for up to 5 years. The same can be said for mattresses that are out of Tempur.

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