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What Are Receiving Blankets? What Are They Used For?

What Are Receiving Blankets? What Are They Used For?

If you have keenly looked at any newborn baby pictures or witnessed their delivery, you might have seen the small and soft baby blanket they get wrapped on. Even when you've not encountered any of the scenarios mentioned, it's easy to picture these receiving blankets. So, what are receiving blankets, and what are they used for?

A receiving blanket helps wrap up newborns when handing them over to their parents for the first time. It consists of a thin, soft flannel cotton material and measures around 30 by 40 inches. Receiving blankets come in various patterns and styles and are inexpensive.

Most people do not recognize the existence of receiving blankets until they have a child. The moment you start shopping for baby blankets, you will come across several receiving blankets. If you are hearing about this type of baby blanket for the first time, you have come to the right place because we have all that you need to know.

big blanket woman pinkWhat Are Receiving Blankets? What To Know

Receiving blankets are among the most popular types of baby blankets. Simply put, these are small blankets especially designed for newborns. For instance, they are just the right size to wrap around a newborn baby.

As the name suggests, these blankets receive newborn babies, and doctors wrap them around the body before handing over the infant to their parents for the first time. The blankets are easy to clean and exceptionally durable. Below are some features and characteristics of receiving blankets;


The blankets usually measure 30 x 40 inches, which is the right size to wrap around a newborn baby. Receiving blankets are typically thin and made from soft flannel cotton.

Design Or Pattern

The hospital version of the receiving blanket is an iconic design. It is usually pink with blue-striped edges. While the hospital version is the most recognizable, receiving blankets come in a wide array of designs, patterns, and colors. You can buy what you find attractive.

What Are Receiving Blankets Used for? 10 Top Uses

While the blankets were explicitly designed for "receiving" newborn babies, they are versatile and can help execute many functions. You do not forgo your receiving blanket because your diaper bag is almost full; the blanket comes in handy multiple times. Below are ten ways you can use a receiving blanket.

Changing Mat

One of the common uses of receiving blankets is an alternative or substitute for a changing mat. You can use the blankets when you and your baby are on the go and need a quick replacement for a changing mat. Receiving blankets provides ample cushioning and support to perform a rapid diaper change in a public or private restroom, eliminating the need to carry around changing mats.

Burp Cloth

These blankets are small and thin enough to comfortably throw over your shoulder and use as a burp cloth. Another reason to use your receiving blanket as a burp cloth is that they are machine-wash-friendly and can withstand constant washing without compromising quality. Therefore, cleaning the 'burp blanket' is a breeze.


The receiving blankets are small enough to carry everywhere your baby will want to play. For example, you can have the blanket in your diaper bag when visiting the park or on playdates. During these trips, lay the blanket on the ground to quickly create a safe place for your baby to play. You can also lay the blanket on your carpet or bed to create a play area for your baby without messing up the surroundings.

Tummy Time Mat

Tummy time is vital for babies because it helps them build strength in their neck, shoulders, arms, and trunks. Most parents use blankets to lay their babies on during tummy time. A receiving blanket is another perfect choice for your baby's tummy time. It provides ample cushioning and supports to lay the baby while enjoying the moments.

Covering Strollers

Are you looking for something to cover your stroller when taking walks or running errands with your baby? Use a receiving blanket. The blankets have thin fabric that allows some air to flow through to prevent overheating. More so, the blankets are good enough to block the wind from the stroller and keep your baby warm and protected. You can cover the sides or the top of a stroller when outdoors.


While receiving blankets are not designed for swaddling, you can still use them as swaddling blankets for your baby. Swaddling is the practice of securely wrapping a baby to provide safety and security.

Making Pillows

Once your baby is too grown to use the blanket, you can repurpose your baby's receiving blanket into pillows. They are the perfect material for new pillows. They are also the ideal size for a pillow. You just need to sew the blanket and fill it with stuffing to create a great small pillow. If you have many leftover receiving blankets, you can turn them into matching pillows for your baby's room.


You can also use receiving blankets for cleaning messes. The blankets consist of soft cotton, which absorbs liquids. That alone makes them perfect for cleaning. In this case, use them to clean spit and specific messes caused by your baby.

Nursing Cover

Receiving blankets are also great nursing covers. They are lightweight enough to allow unrestricted airflow so you do not suffocate your baby and good enough to cover them up while nursing.

Snort Rag

Receiving blankets are incredibly soft, and you can use them to gently wipe your baby's nose, especially when they have a constantly running nose. The blankets are also easy to clean.

What Size Are Receiving Blankets?

The standard size of a receiving blanket is 30 by 40 inches. However, the sizes usually differ depending on the manufacturer. These blankets are often never larger than 36 in width and 40 inches in length. Larger receiving blankets are great for multi-purposes.

many blanketsHow Many Receiving Blankets Do I Need?

Now that you know the various ways you can use receiving blankets, you may want to buy several pieces. The number you settle on depends on your preferred uses. Do you want the receiving blankets for cushioning for baby seats, such as a tummy time mat, baby burp mat, cleaning rag, decoration, swaddling cloth, mattress cover, or nursing cover?

If your baby is still young at the breastfeeding stage, we recommend that you buy up to ten pieces of receiving blankets and use them for multiple purposes.

The good thing about these blankets is that they are cheap, do not need constant replacing due to quality, and will never go to waste. Below are some reasons you may need at least 5 to 10 receiving blankets;

  • You can separate the blankets and use them for cleaning messes and protecting or warming the baby.
  • It would help if you had spares to use when cleaning others.
  • You can have them in different rooms of your home for various applications.


We've now answered two significant questions that many keep asking: "What are receiving blankets, and what are they used for?" Quality receiving blankets are a requirement in almost all hospitals. These unique pieces of clothing help wrap the newborn babies for warmth, comfort, and support.

However, they are the most versatile baby blanket type on the market. You can use the blankets for multiple purposes even after your child has outgrown them. Now that you know how to use receiving blankets let's hear other creative uses you might have used receiving blankets.

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