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What Does A Pillow Protector Do?

What Does A Pillow Protector Do?

Do you use a pillow protector? Do you have one at home? Are you using it to protect your expensive pillows? If these all sound new to you and you have only heard about pillowcases before, make sure to read on below to know more information about pillow protectors.

If you are wondering what does a pillow protector do? A pillow protector helps preserve your pillows and keep them intact and maintain their shape. Pillow protectors are a must-have if you want to prolong your pillows. Also, pillow protector used against dust mites.

A lot of people know about pillowcases only. In this article, we will be focusing on pillow protectors. Pillow protectors are useful for individuals who have allergies because they protect the pillows from dust and other allergens that can worsen your allergy symptoms.

Pillow protectors are usually typical in popular resorts and hotels. Pillow protectors protect the pillows from all the moisture, dirt, oils, dead skin cells, bed bugs, dust mites, and other allergens.

You can use pillow protectors with a pillowcase so you can prevent your pillows from getting ruined quickly. If you tend to sweat a lot while sleeping at night, you must get pillow protectors for your home.

What is a pillow protector?

A pillow protector is like a pillowcase but with zippers that keep the pillows inside while pillowcase; on the other hand, have an opening at one end. It confines the pillow inside and completely shields it from the outside factors.

You can opt to use a pillowcase and a pillow protector so you can protect your pillow and it can prevent any allergens from getting stuck inside it especially if you have allergies. A pillow protector will help prevent your allergy symptoms from worsening and provide you a hypoallergenic pillow while you are sleeping at night.

A pillow protector will contain a pillow inside it and keep it safe from anything that can get inside with the help of a zipper. It will keep allergens like dust and dust mites from getting inside the pillow.

If your pillow is hypoallergenic, a pillow protector can help it prevent the buildup of allergens inside it. A pillow protector can be made from different types of material.

Why do you need a pillow protector?

A pillow protector is not just a must-have for individuals who have allergies, and it also serves as an additional covering or layer of protection that will help keep your pillow clean, fresh and extend its life span.

It prevents your pillow from absorbing any oil, sweat, dandruff, and saliva while you are sleeping at night. If you want to avoid any yellow stains in your pillow, you must use a pillow protector.

Pillows can be quite expensive, and changing one every few months can be quite a pain. If you want your pillow to last longer, you must opt for a pillow protector.

A pillow protector will prevent your pillow from getting damaged easily and preserve its excellent condition longer. This will also help you protect your investment in quality bedding and linens and at the same time, help you have a good night sleep every night.

If you are planning to buy a bunch of pillows for your home, you must also consider getting a pillow protector so you can keep your pillows clean and fresh for a long time.

A pillow protector will help you enjoy your pillow longer, and it will improve your sleeping style and protect your investment and prevent you from buying pillows all the time.

You must get a pillow protector together with the pillow, do not worry because they are not expensive, and they are not difficult to maintain.

A pillow protector is not difficult to clean. You can easily wash and care for it when it gets dirty. On the other hand, washing a pillow can be quite challenging to do; you should wash your pillow protector instead.

You can enjoy a good night sleep if you have a pillow that smells good and feels clean and fresh and looks great without any stains or dirt on them. If you love your pillows, you must use pillow protector all the time.

What are the benefits of using a pillow protector?

  1. Pillow protectors keep your pillows cleaner.
  2. Pillow protectors can prevent allergens.
  3. Pillow protectors can prevent stains or discolorations and the yellowing of the pillows.
  4. Pillow protectors can protector your pillows and prolong their life.
  5. Pillow protectors can keep dust mites and bed bugs from getting inside your pillow. For example, a 2-year-old pillow can have added weight because of dust mites and their droppings and can consist of around 10% of the pillow weight.
  6. Pillow protectors can prevent pet dander from getting inside your pillow.
  7. Using pillow protectors can provide you a peace of mind when you are traveling all the time. A pillow protector can fit inside your luggage, and you can use them so you can have a good night's rest and sleep wherever you go. You can avoid using dirty pillowcases in hotels or resorts.
  8. Pillow protectors can prevent makeup and other cosmetic products from getting absorbed in the pillow while you are sleeping.
  9. Pillow protectors can keep fluids, sweat, saliva, and oils from being absorbed by the pillow.
  10. Pillow protectors can prevent dead skin cells from entering inside the pillow. A normal human being sheds approximately more than 250,000 skin cells while sleeping at night.

Dust mites are quite common, and if you want to keep them away from your pillow, you must use a pillow protector. The pillow protector will seal the pillows inside, and with the help of a zipper; the pillow will be protected inside.

Pillow protectors can be used to keep your pillow fresh and clean. What are the tips for you to keep your pillows clean and fresh for long periods?

  1. Wash your pillow protectors every week. This can prevent the buildup of dirt, saliva, snot, sweat, oils, bed bugs, and dust mites on your pillow.
  2. Buy 100% high-quality cotton pillow protectors. Polyester fabric can be quite hot and does not have moisture-wicking properties, which makes sleeping on it can be hot, and it will cause you to sweat a lot while sleeping on it.
  3. A pillow protector must be made from high-quality and natural fibers. This will allow the pillow to have good airflow and at the same time, provide comfort and rest while you sleep at night.
  4. Get a pillow protector with zipper closure. This can protect your pillow inside and prevent anything from getting inside the pillow. Make sure to get pillow protectors for your whole family, because it is not a luxury but an essential item that will make your sleeping quality improve.

Is washing the pillow protector important before you use it on your pillow?

Yes, you must wash your pillow protector before you use it on your pillow. This method is important because there are fabrics that use starch during the production process, by washing the pillow protector, you can get rid of the starch and other chemicals.

You must make sure to check the washing instructions for the pillow protector so you can prevent it from getting ruined. Proper care guidelines are included when you purchase one.

What are the different types of pillow protector?

  1. Waterproof Pillow Protector – If you want ultimate protection for your pillows, you can go for a waterproof pillow protector. This will help protect your pillow from absorbing moisture, spills, and stains. This can also keep your pillow clean and fresh without needing to wash your pillow all the time.
  2. Quilted Pillow Protector – A pillow protector made from pure cotton can provide a soft layer of protection under your pillowcase and keep you rested while sleeping at night. This can improve the lifespan of your high-quality pillows. A quilted pillow protector can prevent dirt and bacteria from entering your pillows.


There are different types of pillow protector in the market. You can go for a pillow protector that is made from cotton and polyester blend. This type of pillow protector can protect your pillow from dirt, sweat, drool, and other stains.

There are pillow protectors that are hypoallergenic which means if you have allergies, you must get these. Some pillow protectors have antibacterial and antimicrobial properties and allow good airflow.

A pillow protector will help you keep cool and keep your pillows clean and fresh for a long time. A pillow protector is comfortable to use, and you can enjoy sleeping using your pillows every night.

Pillow protectors are budget-friendly, and at the same time, it will help you protect your high-quality pillows.

If you want your investment for your luxury pillows not to get wasted, you must opt for a pillow protector so you can maintain your sleeping environment healthy and clean.