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What Is A Body Pillow & What Are They Used For?

What Is A Body Pillow & What Are They Used For?

With body pillows being among the most adored pillow types on the market, you probably wonder, "What is a body pillow?" This is a comfortable and highly versatile pillow that offers extra support and pressure point relief. Knowing the qualities, benefits, and applications of body pillows helps you appreciate them more.

A body pillow is a U, C, or L-shaped pillow you can cradle between your legs or lay along your body. Some will hug the body pillow or rest on it lightly. Pregnant women, side sleepers, and people with back or shoulder pains use them for comfort, spinal alignment, and pressure relief. 

Body pillows have become very common because of their numerous benefits. You will often see the body pillow ads in stores, on social media feeds, and on television screens. Read on to discover what a body pillow is, all the benefits, and relevant applications.

blonde woman body pillow starsWhat is a Body Pillow?

A body pillow is a long narrow pillow often used during pregnancy. Body pillows are typically more extensive than the standard dimensions for regular pillows. With the right body pillow, you enjoy numerous physical and health benefits.

Here are some qualities of a good body pillow to help you settle on the best:

Ideal Size

The standard size for a body pillow is 20 by 54 inches. However, this is the size of a standard non-curved body pillow. The sizes usually differ depending on the shape and design. For instance, a standard U-shaded body pillow measures 40 by 50. There are also body pillows for different bed sizes, like Queen and King-sized beds. The size is also dependent on preference; some extra-long body pillows measure 72 by 20 inches.

Perfect Shape

One of the distinctive qualities of body pillows is their shape. They feature unique shapes that offer cushioning, support, and contouring when sleeping. Body pillows come in different sizes; U-shaped, C-shapes, and L-shaped body pillows. The various shapes will address specific needs. There are also straight and curved body pillows.

Excellent Firmness

The firmness of body pillows usually depends on the fill materials. For instance, body pillows with down filling are typically soft. On the other hand, memory foam and poly fill body pillows are firmer. The fill materials will also determine the warmth, flexibility, and cost of a body pillow.

What is the Purpose of a Body Pillow? Key Applications

Most people assume that body pillows mainly address pregnancy struggles. However, body pillows are incredibly versatile and have countless applications. Let us look at some key applications of body pillows;

For Peaceful Sleep

Body pillows provide the comfort and support you need for a peaceful sleep. Tucking the body pillow between your legs helps promote proper spinal alignment. This helps prevent muscle tension, pains, and aches. The pillows also feel like you are sleeping or cuddling with someone.

During Pregnancy

Pregnant women are the most common users of body pillows. Some people even refer to body pillows as pregnancy pillows. During pregnancy, women experience a higher weight concentration in their midsection, making it hard to sleep comfortably. Body pillows allow pregnant women to sleep on their sides while relieving pressure points. The pillows also prevent poor blood circulation and back pains.

For Shoulder and Back Pain

Shoulder and back pain are among the most common sleep-related problems. They usually stem from poor spinal alignment and pressure points in the shoulders and back. Poor sleep posture and aging also cause back and shoulder pain; sleep experts recommend body pillows for symptom improvement. Generally, these pillows promote good sleep posture and proper spinal alignment, which relieves or improves back and shoulder pain.

For Snoring

One of the top benefits of body pillows is that they help straighten the spine and prevent the pelvis from tilting. With that, the body pillow promotes better sleeping postures, which helps prevent snoring. Most people snore because of poor sleeping posture.

For Side Sleeping

Side sleeping is a recommended sleep position as it prevents acid reflux and helps relieve sleep apnea. However, many side sleepers experience shoulder and hip pains at some point. Sleeping on the side places the entire body weight on the shoulder and hips. The pressure points created in these regions result in aches and pains. If you wrap a body pillow around your body when sleeping, it will promote pressure point relief, making side sleeping easier and more comfortable.

What is a Body Pillow for? The Benefits

The numerous applications of body pillows result from their benefits. Body pillows provide countless benefits for sleepers. Here are some of them;

  • It prevents your spine from curving in the wrong direction. This happens when sleeping on your back or stomach.
  • The pillows promote spinal alignment by ensuring that you maintain a good sleep posture.
  • Body pillows also help prevent your pelvis from tilting forward, especially when sleeping on your side or stomach.
  • They help relieve pressure points by taking pressure off the shoulders, back, or hips. Doing so helps relieve and prevent pains and aches while sleeping.
  • Body pillows are beneficial because they curve to fit your body shape.
  • These pillows also help you feel like you are snuggling with someone on the bed.
  • Your body pillow, based on its specifications, will offer countless applications.

Which Body Pillow Do You Need?

Many top and trendy body pillow models are available for all interested buyers. Here is a review of some of the best body pillow models;

Soft-Tex Body Pillow

Soft-Tex is one of the top American body pillow brands; the company manufactures luxury and comfortable body pillows for various uses. They have different Soft-Tex body pillow designs and shapes. The Soft-tex SoftLOFT body pillow is one of the best models by this brand.

Evolive Body Pillow

Evolive is known for manufacturing affordable Evolive body pillows. The pillows are made from high-quality materials and with your comfort in mind. The Evolive ultra-soft body pillow is this brand's most positively reviewed model.

Utopia Body Pillow

Utopia is one of the most highly reputable American pillow manufacturers. Utopia manufactures top-notch body pillows from various materials; pillows designed with sleepers' health and comfort in mind. The Utopia Bedding soft body pillow is its most highly-rated body pillow model.

EnerPlex Body Pillow

EnerPlex has adjustable body pillows made with shredded memory foam. The company also makes body pillows with sustainable materials, like bamboo covers. One of this brand's top body pillow models is the Never-Flat Adjustable body pillow.

What Size and Weight is a Body Pillow?

Most body pillows measure 48-54 inches in length. However, longer ones measure up to 72 inches for taller people. Regarding their weight, body pillows weigh between 5 to 7 pounds. However, those with memory foam can weigh up to 16 pounds. The appropriate size of a body pillow depends on your body type, height, and needs. Note that the measures may also differ depending on the shape.

sleep woman body pillowAre Body Pillows Customizable?

Yes, a few body pillows are customizable. Most customizable body pillows have a quality shredded filling. Depending on your need and desired firmness level, you can add or remove the filling to achieve your comfort level. Not all body pillows are adjustable, only some specific brands and models.


Body pillows are the most comfortable bedding you can have on your bed. They are also the most versatile pillow type and come in numerous shapes and designs to allow fantastic applications and benefits. Browse the pillow store with the top models, pick the best body pillows and enjoy the unique advantages.

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