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What is a Pillow Top Mattress? (WHAT ARE ITS BENEFITS?)

What is a Pillow Top Mattress? (WHAT ARE ITS BENEFITS?)

When the pillow-top mattress made its debut in the early 2000s, people were losing their minds. Its thick, plush, and luxurious composition would give your pressure points a soft hug when you turn. The cherry on top is that it came in different forms and sizes.

A pillow-top mattress is a mattress with a luxurious layer of soft and plush cushioning sewn on top. Its benefits include body-pampering plushness, stellar comfort, ample support, and temperature control.

The design of a pillow-top mattress allows for comfort without compromising the sturdiness of your mattress. Manufacturers stitch the soft cushioning on a firm and less-luxurious mattress. Often, this soft layer consists of premium-grade cotton, latex or premium memory foam, fiberfill, down, or wool.

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Types of Pillow Top Mattresses

Pillow top mattresses differ due to the design. There are two types of pillow-top mattresses;

The Regular Pillow Top Mattress

With a regular pillow top mattress, the soft layer of cushioning is stitched, leaving a visible gap. It is easy to tell that these are two different mattresses with different thicknesses, materials, and softness. You see a laxer layer of mattress tacked on a firmer one.

The Euro Pillow Top Mattress

The name originates from the place of its invention, which is Europe. The lush layer of cushioning is directly stacked on the firmer mattress' edge before the manufacturers place the covering over them. It looks like one mattress, unlike the regular pillow top mattress. Also, it is denser and more deluxe than the normal one since it contains either fiberfill or foam.

Since Euro pillow-top mattresses are more detailed than regular ones, they look flatter and have better stacking. In addition, their edges are more rounded, making them look more design-savvy and forward-looking.

Benefits Of A Pillow Top Mattress

People who have slept on a pillow-top mattress best describe the feeling as sleeping on clouds. Here are some of the benefits of a pillow-top mattress that you ought to know:

Body-Pampering Plushness

Sleeping on a pillow-top mattress will have you experience dreamy nights in your own home. The pillow-top mattress contains soft materials like fiberfill, cotton, or foam for that soft touch. This layer cushions you from the firm mattress underneath while oozing lux and lush.

Very Comfortable

The pillow-top mattress has the right amount of bounce, making it very comfortable. It is because the layer beneath is firmer than the one over it. This way, it contours to one's body when one sleeps.

In addition, contouring provides less movement. It absorbs your motion during your sleep, enabling you to have a comfortable and restful sleep. It reduces one's motion transfer, leading to uninterrupted sleep even on shared mattresses. It is a glorious feature for couples or people who share beds since one's movement does not affect others' sleep.

In general, the pillow-top mattress will make you forget about the times you woke up feeling tired even after taking a nap. You get that hug every time you turn in bed.

Reliable Support And Pressure Relief

Most pillow tops are usually sewn on innerspring mattresses. Without the pillow top, the innerspring mattress is too bouncy and firmer. While this is a glorious feature for supporting your body during sleep, it leads to back and joint pains.

Body Support And Spinal Alignment

The pillow-top mattress offers you great support, thanks to the sweet spot between firmness and comfort. It provides an equal distribution of weight and less bounciness during sleep. In addition, it offers perfect contouring to your body which aids in spinal alignment.

Pressure And Pain Relief

With the added layer of comfort and softness, you get the support of the innerspring mattress and the plushness of the soft cushioning. Since the pillow-top mattress contours your body, your body weight gets long-term support during sleep. In addition, you get great support for your back, spine, hips, and joints, leading to less pain. This provides you with remarkable pressure point relief that traditional mattresses fail to offer.

Pillow top mattresses are convenient for people who have the advice of doctors to sleep on softer surfaces. They include people with spinal injury, joint pains, and misalignments. Pillow top mattresses provide them with both the support and the softness that they need during such situations.

Perfect For Side Sleepers

Most side sleepers experience mattress dipping and caving in their sleep. A pillow-top mattress offers great contouring to their body even as they side-sleep. As a result, they get to have a comfortable and disturbance-free sleep at night.

Great Aeration And Temperature Control

Most pillow-top mattresses have natural fillings such as cotton, latex, and wool. People who experience excessive heating at night get relieved since these mattresses do not retain body heat. You get the right amount of cooling at night despite your condition. It allows for the free flow of air throughout the night, leading to temperature control and quality sleep.

Also, the consistent aeration of the mattress enhances its longevity. Allowing the airflow permits the mattress to dry up when moisture gets to it. It discourages molds and bacteria from breeding. Since there is a reduced chance of your mattress disintegrating, you get quality sleep for lengthier periods than traditional mattresses.

A Pillow Top Mattress is Affordable

Pillow top mattress is priced well for the return on investment. Despite paying more compared to high-end mattresses like memory foam ones, the value you get is such a small price to pay.

In most cases, a pillow-top mattress will cost you about 30 percent more than the standard one. However, its pricing makes sense when considering plushness, great support, and temperature control. People consider them a cheaper and more value-efficient alternative than hybrid mattresses.

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Less Off-Gassing

One great feature of a pillow-top mattress is that there are so many benefits with its natural fillings. Since there are fewer chemicals and toxins used in the manufacturing process, there is little to no off-gassing upon use.

Contrarily, most people with luxurious mattresses have to suffer days or even weeks of bad-smelling gasses and fumes getting emitted. It can be a great inconvenience to people sensitive to smells and fumes. These gases can be a health hazard since they can trigger chest and breathing complications. We are glad that there is no need to suffer such inconveniences with pillow-top mattresses.

Hassle-free Sleep

When you sleep on a standard mattress, it will get to a time when it will start caving or breaking in. This is common with memory foam mattresses. Alternatively, the edges may shift, leading to discomfort in your sleep. This is where users make it a routine to turn the mattress upside down for comfort. Others may resort to bolstering it with alternative cushioning to enjoy a good night's sleep.

With a pillow-top mattress, you enjoy luxurious sleep all through. While it may need seasonal rotation, there are minimal chances of breaking in. In addition, aeration builds up to the longevity of both the quality and the plushness of the mattress. Since you have a hassle-free sleep on one side of the mattress, there is no point in turning it.


A pillow-top mattress is a worthy investment for someone who needs comfort without compromising on support. In addition, you get hassle-free nights with pressure point relief at a lucrative price point. Look for one made from premium material for enduring luxurious nights.

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