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What Is A Plush Mattress? How Is it Different? (ANSWERED)

What Is A Plush Mattress? How Is it Different? (ANSWERED)

The mattress industry is vast, and the list of options is limitless. Plush mattresses are among the best and most common mattress types. However, most mattress buyers do not know much about these mattresses besides their names, but we've taken it up to answer the question, "What is a plush mattress?" and educate you more on these mattresses.

A plush mattress is a highly soft mattress ideal for people with different sleep positions who prefer contouring cushioning over firm support. These extra-soft mattresses are often described as cloud-like. They provide sleepers with lots of cushioning support for a luxurious sleep.

Shopping for a mattress for the first time is like jumping into the unknown. The options are limitless, and you are bound to encounter some terms you are unaware of. If you have come across plush mattresses quite often and are wondering what these mattresses are all about, worry not because we have everything you need to know in this article. Read on to find out more.

blonder woman sleepingWhat Does A Plush Mattress Mean?

The word plush is used to describe different levels of softness. In the world of mattresses, the term refers to a mattress that offers exceptional comfort, thanks to its surface comfort layer. Plush mattresses have softer surfaces that provide a good amount of support. While their softness and cloud-like elements are incredible, not all sleepers find plush mattresses comfortable.

For instance, stomach sleepers may find plush mattresses uncomfortable because they create pressure points on the stomach and spine. The pressure makes your spine curve improperly, resulting in pain and discomfort. Couples also find plush mattresses uncomfortable because of their motion transfer.

That tells you plush mattresses are great for individual petite sleepers weighing less than 130 pounds. Notwithstanding, these mattresses are great for side and black sleepers and people suffering from hip and back pains.

6 Things That Make Plush Mattresses Different

Are you wondering what makes plush mattresses unique? Many things make this type of mattress an excellent choice. By knowing these unique features and characteristics, you won't regret it when you make a purchase. Here are six main things that are worth noting.

Great for Different Sleeping Positions

Plush mattresses make a great choice if you are looking for a mattress that allows for various sleep positions and styles. For instance, these mattresses are an excellent solution for side sleepers. They offer reasonable shrinkage that contours your body when you sleep on your side. Plush mattresses are also perfect for back sleepers because they provide great form and support when sleeping on your back.

Perfect For People With Hip And Shoulder Pain

People suffering from hip pain benefit a lot from plush mattresses. According to physicians, most hip pains stem from laying on your side on a firm bed. Laying on a plush mattress helps get rid of the pain. The mattresses are also great for people suffering from shoulder pain because they conform to your body, allowing pressure relief and ample support. This also prevents your spine from curving unnaturally.

Softest Mattress Type

Plush mattresses are the softest mattress type, offering incredible contour and comfort. The feature makes them ideal for people who require pressure relief for tightened muscles and various aches and pains. However, it is worth mentioning that the mattresses come in different plushness levels (softness levels), from extra-extra to medium plush.

Quite Luxurious

These mattresses are described as fancy and are often unique. Thanks to their softness and good looks. To make their products sound luxurious, mattress companies add the word "plush" to their mattresses.

Provide Excellent Support And Comfort

Despite being extra soft, plush mattresses still offer excellent support and comfort. The mattresses contain support layers that support your back, promoting a healthy spinal alignment that provides incredible support. Most people buy plush mattresses because they promote a comfortable and more relaxing sleep.

Come In Various Types

You will notice that there are plush mattresses with different softness and support levels. Sleepers can also choose from plush mattresses with other toppers. The type of topper changes the feel of the mattress. Thicker toppers make a more significant impact on the feel of the mattress than thinner ones.

It is also worth mentioning that plush mattresses are pretty durable. Depending on the type and manufacturer, the mattress can last seven to ten years. The longevity of your plush mattress also depends on how you maintain and care for it.

Plush Vs. Pillow Top: The Comparison

Plush and pillow top mattresses are easy to confuse. Pillow top mattresses have an extra layer which is usually about an inch thick. The extra layer is designed to offer additional comfort. However, it does not provide any added support.

On the other hand, plush mattresses are made from soft materials like cotton, wool, or down. The two are often compared because of their comfort and luxury. Below are some differences between plush and pillow-top mattresses;

  • Plush mattresses are firmer than pillow tops.
  • Pillow tops are thicker than plush mattresses because of their extra cushioning layer.
  • Plush mattresses are less costly than pillow tops.

Is A Plush Mattress Soft?

The straightforward answer to this question is YES; plush mattresses are soft. Some people describe them as the softest mattress. However, some plush mattresses are firm with soft materials at the top.

bedroom mattressBest Maintenance Tips For A Plush Mattress

A plush mattress deserves your attention, and the last thing you want is your mattress to last a few years, forcing you to spend a lot of money on a replacement. The best way to retain a plush mattress for longer is by following a few maintenance rules. Below are some efficient maintenance tips for plush mattresses.

  1. Place a cover or pad on the mattress. That will help prevent your mattress from wearing out too fast. Using a waterproof pad or cover will also prevent moisture, dirt, sweat, and other elements from getting on your mattress.
  2. Flipping your mattress periodically also comes in handy. It will prevent the mattress from wearing one side. According to experts, flipping your mattress can make it last twice as long.
  3. Cleaning the mattress helps maintain it. Even with a mattress pad or cover, your plush mattress will wind up with some stains. The best way to deal with these stains is by cleaning the mattress immediately after the spills occur to prevent them from turning into harsh stains.
  4. You can also care for your plush mattress through occasional vacuuming. Doing so will remove any dust and allergens from the mattress, making it last for long.
  5. Your plush mattress would also benefit from frequent ventilation. After using the mattress for a while, you may notice some odor and stuffiness. Leaving the mattress out for a while will help eliminate the odor. Ensure that the mattress is not covered to ensure the fresh air passes through its fibers.
  6. Following the manufacturer's recommendations will also help you maintain the mattress for a long time. The best manufacturers offer specific guidelines for the best mattress care. Following these guidelines will keep your mattress looking and feeling as good as new for years.

What Is A Plush Mattress? Conclusion

Plush mattresses are soft mattresses ideal for many individuals, especially side sleepers, looking for a soft, comfy, and cozy sleeping surface. These mattresses have several unique qualities. For instance, they are luxurious, great for side and back sleepers, help relieve hip and shoulder pains, and offer incredible support and comfort. Now that you know what a plush mattress is, you can confidently shop for a new mattress.

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