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What Is A Split King Bed And Mattress? How Is It Different?

What Is A Split King Bed And Mattress? How Is It Different?

Do you share a bed with someone with a different sleep preference? For instance, your partner could love a soft mattress while you prefer a firm one. You want to have different sleep experiences in the same bed without compromising each other's sleep quality and comfort.

A split king bed is a king-size bed with two twin extra-large (XL) mattresses placed side by side. It measures 76 by 80 inches, with each twin XL mattress measuring 38 by 80 inches for adjustability and customizability.

Unlike the traditional king bed and mattress, the split king design allows couples to customize their side of the bed. You could opt for a softer mattress or one with less motion transfer than your partner's. In addition, an adjustable one permits you to recline to your preferred sleep angle.

bedroom white pillowsBenefits Of A Split-King Bed And Mattress

Here are reasons why a split-king bed and mattress is better than the traditional king bed and mattress;

Accommodates Different Partners' Sleep Preferences

Purchasing a mattress and bed can be very subjective. Aspects like weight, sleeping style, and health concerns come to play, making bed-sharing an extreme sport. With this, it is not uncommon to find couples who share a bed but have varied sleep preferences.

In such instances, a split-king bed provides the option of having two mattresses, each with unique features. One partner may opt for a softer mattress, whereas the other picks a firmer one. Both get to share a bed but maximize individual sleep preferences for quality sleep.

If you opt for similar mattresses, each partner can customize their side of the bed using a mattress topper. There are a variety of mattress toppers in the market to suit your tastes and preferences.


Unlike the traditional king bed and mattress, the split-king option allows one to adjust their bed to their preferred angle. It is perfect for couples who prefer varying levels of elevation during sleep.

The sides of the split-king frame have built-in ports for easy charging throughout the night. The bed allows you to alter the position of each mattress and its massage function independently. Thankfully, the 15-inch under-bed clearance gives you enough room to either raise or lower your side of the bed.

 For example, a partner with acid reflux or GERD needs to sleep with their heads elevated. It prevents acid reflux, heartburn, or painful bouts which may occur throughout the night, causing a health emergency. The other partner may not require such an elevation, making a split-king bed and mattress to be ideal in such situations.

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Reduced Motion Transfer

A split-king bed and mattress are ideal when sharing a bed with someone who tosses and turns throughout the night. Unlike a traditional king, the split-king option allows the restless partner not to disturb their partner during sleep. Each partner has a separate mattress; hence, the other partner will not feel the motion in their sleep.

Also, if your partner frequents the bathroom at night, your sleep will not be cut short. The same applies if you have little ones and your partner needs to check on them at night. If you are a light sleeper, the split-king bed and mattress let you sleep without disturbances, improving your sleep quality.

Easier To Move

Unlike the traditional king option, detachable split-king mattresses allow you to separate and move the bed with ease. Those with bedrooms on higher floors can move them up the stairs and through the sharp corners conveniently. Hence, it saves you time, money, and effort related to bed-moving and settling.

Easy To Replace

You do not need to change the whole bed or both mattresses when it is only one mattress that is too soft. Say you have a latex mattress, and the other is a memory foam mattress that you need to replace. You will only replace the latter and keep the former intact.

Contrarily, if one part of the mattress becomes uneven in a traditional king bed, you must get a new one. Such makes the split-king bed and mattress cost-effective in the long run.

More Personal Space

The separate bed feature in split king beds and mattresses offers more personal space to individual sleepers. For instance, you could be sharing a bed with someone who has weird sleeping angles that disrupt your sleep. Having separate mattresses in the same frame allows you to be comfortable with varied sleeping positions.

Also, if you want to read a book in bed while your partner wants to fall asleep, this bed accommodates both.

Cons Of A Split-King Bed And Mattress

While the split-king bed and mattress have many benefits, some factors could be their downside. Here are the cons of a split-king bed and mattress;

The Middle Split Can Be Uncomfortable

Since the split-king bed accommodates two mattresses, the split or gap in the middle can be too uncomfortable for cuddling. Because of this, couples have a hard time devising a way to make cuddling work.

However, couples can shop around for a king topper to even out the gap. Alternatively, they can find an ideal gap filler for split XL mattresses.


Most split-king beds and mattresses are costlier than their traditional counterparts. For instance, the innerspring option of the Saatva Classic Mattress costs about $2,095. On the other hand, the split-king version goes for $2,295, $200 more.

Occupies More Space

The split-king bed and mattress are larger than the standard ones, occupying more space. If you have a small apartment or are conscious of a room's spacing, you might have to rethink this option.

A Hard Time Finding Bedding

One significant difficulty that owners of split-king beds and mattresses experience is finding bedsheets designed for them. Even though most users treat the split-king bed as they do a traditional one, the comfort level is different.

Certain manufacturers make and sell split-top king sheets. However, quality ones are rare and costlier than standard bed sheets.

In cases where couples use separate blankets because of varied warmth preferences, it can be harder to snuggle them.

Complex Assembly

Putting together a split-king bed is more complicated than a traditional king bed since the former has a complex construction. It comes with unique parts that may require prowess or attention to assemble. Because of this, it may be difficult for bed users to assemble the bed and mattress on their own.

Luckily, some split-bed and mattress companies offer split-bed installation services at a fee. Still, this is an added cost absent in the traditional king bed option.

How Much Is A Split-King Bed And Mattress?

A split king bed and mattress unit range between $700 and $4,000. The pricing varies due to material, durability, and motion and noise transfer features. Since it is a costly investment, check the free trial, warranty, instructions, and return policy if provided by the company.

beds twoIs A Split-King Bed And Mattress Worth It?

Split-king mattresses offer more comfort to both partners since they are adjustable, customizable, and provide more personal space. In addition, there is little to no motion transfer, allowing both partners a restful sleep.

If the sleeping preference of both partners is similar, it may be a nuisance rather than a convenience. Before settling on a split-king bed and mattress, look at your sleep preferences and why they would be better. Also, look at the prices and see if they are within your budget.

However, we do not recommend the split-king bed and mattress to a single person since it beats logic. If you are single and want more space, opt for the traditional king bed and mattress option.

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Unlike the traditional king bed and mattress, the split-king option is perfect for couples with varied sleep preferences. It is adjustable, customizable, and offers less motion transfer for more comfort and improved sleep quality. Still, look at the cost, space, and ease of accessibility of bedding and topper before purchase. 

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