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What Is An Innerspring Mattress? [COMPLETE BEGINNER'S GUIDE]

What Is An Innerspring Mattress? [COMPLETE BEGINNER'S GUIDE]

When shopping for a mattress, brace yourself because there are many options in the market, and deciding on the best choice can be a complicated process. Among the best mattress that suits your sleeping needs and comfort preference is the innerspring mattress. So, what is an innerspring mattress?

As the name suggests, the innerspring mattresses have inner coil support. Note that the higher the number of coils, the greater the support level. These mattresses are then covered using fiber, foam, or even an additional layer of steel springs.

Before deciding if this is the mattress you want, it is vital to understand the basics of spring mattresses. The article will discuss everything you need to know about innerspring mattresses to help make an informed decision.

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What is an Innerspring Mattress?

The innerspring mattress is the oldest type of mattress on the market. Though the original design was basic, manufacturers today use high-tech materials and better designs. As a result, these mattresses come in different designs and comfort levels. You will not miss a mattress that will suit you and your needs.

If you are new to innerspring, you might assume that the spring design will increase motion transfer. But that is not the case; thanks to mattress technology, the innerspring now offers pocketed and individually wrapped coils which will provide you with a limited motion transfer and a high comfort level.

What Makes an Innerspring Mattress Different?

Though the innerspring mattresses have a rich history, other mattress options like the hybrid mattress and memory foam are plenty in the market and continue to gain preference. So, what makes the innerspring mattress different from other mattresses?

Offer a Traditional Feel

The innerspring mattress has been on the market for a long time, and the chances are that you have used this mattress option at one time in your life. The modern design will help increase your comfort level while ensuring you experience the traditional feel. You will not get this from other mattress options.

Guarantees Great Support

The other feature to note about the innerspring mattresses is that they will offer you excellent support compared to any other mattress option you get. This mattress will not contour to the curves of your body like some hybrid mattresses or the memory foam option.

Offer Great Comfort

The innerspring mattress is topped using foam, fiber, or smaller springs to ensure comfort and a smoother feeling on top. As a result, using this mattress feels like you are using a pillow top, thanks to the excellent or even luxury feel.

It Has Several Styles

The innerspring mattress comes in various styles. With this option, you get to select the type of mattress you want; something that will offer you the comfort level you need. Don't be in a hurry; take time to review the various forms to get what suits you best.

Cool in Nature

If you are looking for a cool mattress, consider a quality innerspring mattress. This feature makes it the best mattress for those who require a mattress that will offer a cooling effect. The cooling happens because of the spaces between the springs. In fact, a spring mattress will provide a better cooling effect than most mattresses with ventilation.


When buying a mattress, go for a durable one. That is what you will get when you invest in the innerspring mattress. Since it uses strong coil springs, you will not have to worry about the mattress sagging. Even when the mattress starts to sag, it is because of the layers and not the springs. Buy this mattress if you need something that will serve you for many years.

Is an Innerspring Mattress Worth It?

A good mattress is not a cheap investment, and you are probably wondering if these innerspring mattresses are worth it. The best way to have confidence in what you buy is by checking the attributes and specifications of the mattress. Here are some of the features that make these mattresses worth it.

Less or No Odor

When you buy a new mattress, you are likely to experience off-gassing. Though off-gassing is not harmful, it can irritate some people, especially those allergic to new compounds. Unlike other mattresses, you will not have to worry about volatile organic compounds when buying the innerspring. The mattress does not have a lot of materials at the comfort layer, and the gas produced is less noticeable.


Innerspring mattresses are affordable compared to other options in the market. However, this is dependent on the mattress brand, quality, and size, among other different specifications. That notwithstanding, if you require a reliable mattress you can trust, this is the mattress to buy.


Perfect innerspring mattresses are quite bouncy. With this feature, you will quickly get in and out of bed. More so, you will not strain to switch from one sleeping position to another because of comfort and no risk of bodily harm.

Innerspring vs. Memory Foam: The Comparison

Are you torn between the innerspring mattress and the memory foam? Both mattresses are an excellent choice, but they aren't the same in all aspects. Take a look at the similarities and differences between these products so you can choose what suits you best.


A remarkable similarity is that both innerspring and memory foam mattresses offer outstanding comfort. But the mechanism they use to ensure you are comfortable all night varies. The innerspring mattress will support you by resisting compression while the memory foam molds the body to respond to pressure and heat.


The innerspring offers medium-firm to extra-firm, while the memory foam provides soft to medium-firm. Though having a firm mattress is excellent, not everyone enjoys sleeping on them, and if you don't, consider choosing the innerspring mattress.

Sleeping Position

Due to its nature, the innerspring is suitable for back, side, and stomach sleepers. Memory foam mattresses are primarily ideal for side and back sleepers. When choosing a mattress, buy one that will support your sleeping position.

Motion Isolation

The innerspring mattress is bouncy, offering its users less motion isolation. On the other hand, memory foam mattresses are firm, which translates to high motion isolation.


The innerspring mattress is less costly compared to the memory foam mattress. It is a suitable mattress for people looking for quality and functional mattresses while on a budget.

What is an Innerspring Mattress? FAQs

Here are answers to the most frequently asked questions about innerspring mattresses.

What is the average life of an innerspring mattress?

The innerspring mattress can serve you for 5-7 years. The duration depends on the quality, maintenance, and usage.

What is the weight of an innerspring mattress?

Most innerspring mattresses weigh between 70-90 pounds. The overall weight depends on the material used and the mattress size.

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What is an innerspring coil mattress?

An innerspring coil mattress is a mattress that uses quality and advanced coils to offer resistance and support. Contemporary mattresses have one frame and interconnected coils, while the modern type uses the pocket coil system, which helps reduce motion.

What is an innerspring hybrid mattress?

The hybrid inner springs are mattresses that offer a blend of foam and pocket foam springs in one mattress. The mattress provides a more substantial foam layer than other mattresses on the market.


The traditional innerspring mattress embraces regular springs inside and has been in the market for a long time. Over the years, these mattresses have been redesigned and modified to make them stand out. As a result, the mattress offers a bouncier feel, making them quite comfortable. Besides, the mattress is affordable and supports various sleeping positions.

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