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Are Wool Pillows Good? Ultimate Guide

Are Wool Pillows Good? Ultimate Guide

Choosing the right pillow is so essential for your quality of sleep since you will be spending an average of eight hours every night, laying your head on the pillow once you hit the bed.

In addition to this, having the right pillow can ease your common back and neck problems because these pillows offer the superb and utmost necessary support from your head down to your spine.

That is why many sleepers are searching for right pillow fillings that could provide this feature, and one of the most recommended pillow fillings is the wool pillows. Therefore, how good are these wool pillows?

Wool pillows are made from natural fibers that are good both for regulating temperature, and since they came from natural sources, they are also hypoallergenic. Moreover, wool pillows are naturally breathable that can keep the pillows cool and comfortable, which makes it a perfect pillow choice for hot sleepers.

As a result of this, you can usually find wool pillow fillings in luxury or premium pillow sections, and this means that they are more expensive compared to a traditional pillow we usually see everywhere.

However, as we go along, later on, you will know why these pillows are expensive, and are they really worth the hype? Well, you will find it out below:

All About Wool Pillows: Features, Pros and Cons

Wool pillows are considered one of the popular pillows for sleepers nowadays, well, thanks to its eco-friendly materials that are more preferred by many sleepers compared to those synthetic and man-made pillow fillings.

Yes, I am talking about polyester fillings.

However, did you know that polyester filling is made through a series of chemical reaction that involves petroleum, water, and coal as its primary raw materials?

That is why the most common complaint about this type of pillow is that they give off strong odor; fortunately, it will fade away over time.

Hence, going back, here are the most notable features of wool pillows that you will surely love to have in a pillow:


A wool filling is one of the most breathable pillow filling materials because it can absorb large quantities of moisture and allows it to evaporate that makes the wool pillow comfortable and cool, especially during summer and/or for hot sleepers.


In connection with its breathable property, wool also has a temperature-regulating feature. This means that wool is an excellent insulator that can maintain constant body temperature, which can leave you warm during winter and cold during hot days.

In addition to this, because of wool's natural fiber that can regulate humidity, it is a perfect choice for people who gets night sweats and toddlers. 


Since wool pillows came from a natural source; therefore, it is naturally hypoallergenic as long as you are not allergic to its main component, which is the wool itself.

Moreover, wool can resist the growth of bacteria and other types of allergens such as dust mites, molds, mildew, and others, (well, this is due to its microscopic bristles that can be found on wool fibers.)

That is why wool became a popular choice when searching for a non-allergenic type of pillow.


The wool came from sheep's fleece that is natural and renewable since sheep can grow a coat of wool over and over again.

To ensure that the sheep are not harmed during the shearing process, you can check the pillow's manufacturer manual on how they do the shearing process.

Since wool is derived from a natural source, many people have a misconception about their durability, rest assured that wool has surpassed the synthetic material fill in terms of quality and durability when compared with other types of pillows.

Heavier and firmer

Unlike any other pillow such as feather pillows, synthetic pillows, or down fill, wool pillows are heavier and firmer that can stay on its place wherever you put it on the bed.

For this reason, wool pillows offer great support, which is good for sleepers who lie on their stomach, for back sleepers, and side sleepers as well.

They are also a perfect choice for toddlers who always move a lot while sleeping. If you need more support for your back or side, you can double-up your pillows for exceptional comfort.

Hence, to give you more information about these wool pillows, you can see below is a table that shows the list of the pros and cons of this type of pillow.


Offers excellent head, neck, and back support

Heavier and firmer (therefore, these pillows do not move around the bed by themselves)

Good insulatorIt can regulate humidity and moisture

More expensive than other types of pillows

Some sleepers find them too heavy and firm

Give off a bit smell at first but fades away over time

Some people are having a hard time washing these types of pillows

Finally, you have already known these beautiful features of a wool pillow, so what are you waiting for?

Are you off now in the pillow section of the department store or just checking out your cart at the Amazon?

Well, before you checkout your shopping cart, make sure you have read these helpful tips when buying wool pillows.

Wool Pillow Buying Guide

Whether you are buying an ordinary pillow or wool pillow, make sure you consider these six helpful tips when choosing a wool pillow:


If you think that just having a wool filling on the inside of the pad is enough, but that is not the case here.

Make sure that the wool pillow you will be choosing is made from pure yarn filling that means that it is not mixed with other filling material such as synthetic polyester as this can affect the quality of the pillow.

To make sure you are buying a 100% pure and organic wool pillow, you can check the label as this will be indicated if you are dealing with pure and organic wool or just mixed wool.


While many people are paying more attention to the filling material, others are also considering the size and shape of the pillow since it can affect the capabilities as well the pillow can offer.

For sleepers with a small body frame, of course, you will just need a low-profile cushion; for sleepers with a medium frame, a medium-sized pillow will do, and lastly, a high-profile pillow is needed by sleepers with large body frame.

In short, when looking for the size of a wool pillow, you must look for a size that can support your shoulder so that it will not put much stress and pressure on your shoulder.


In regard to the firmness, it depends on your personal preferences, whether you want soft or a bit firm type of pillow. Since pure wool is naturally soft and smooth, this level of firmness is appropriate for people who sleep on their stomachs and for back sleepers.

On the other hand, for people who prefer a firmer pillow, wool is usually blended with polyester to achieve the desired level of firmness, which is appropriate for side sleepers.

This means that when choosing for the firmness level of wool pillows, you may also consider your sleeping position. In that way, you can find the perfect pillow that supports your sleeping needs.


Generally, wool pillows are expensive compared to other types of pillows; however, you can also look for a cheaper alternative wool pillow by buying a wool pillow blended with synthetic materials like polyester.

However, I recommend that you still choose wool pillows made from pure and organic wool filling, though it is expensive it does not cost the price of the support and comfort for a restful and comfortable sleep offered by pure wool pillows.

External cover

Another thing to look for when buying a wool pillow is the external cover wherein you can keep your face in contact, especially if you are a side sleeper.

It must be appealing and soft to the touch when you rub your face against the surface of the pillow.

External covers of the wool pillow are usually available in two varieties: cotton and silk; however, cotton is more common since it is naturally soft and durable.

Image by engin akyurt from Pixabay