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How To Get Yellow Stains Out Of White Sheets (ANSWERED)

How To Get Yellow Stains Out Of White Sheets (ANSWERED)

Are you sick of seeing your crispy-white sheets slowly get this ugly map of yellow stains? Sadly, white sheets get stained quickly and turn yellow with time. Yet, it is challenging to get yellow stains out of white sheets using regular laundry detergent alone.

To get yellow stains out of white sheets, soak them in a detergent booster or white distilled vinegar overnight. Then, set your machine-wash on hot and add enough detergent and lemon or baking soda before washing.

This article shares how to get yellow stains out of white sheets. In addition, we cover why white sheets turn yellow and how to prevent them from getting yellow stains.

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How To Get Yellow Stains Out Of White Sheets

Follow these steps once you realize that your white sheets are starting to look dull and yellowish;

Soak Your Stained White Sheets Overnight In A Natural Detergent Booster

As we stated earlier, getting yellow stains out of white sheets is challenging using regular laundry detergent alone. We advise adding things that loosen the yellow stains and promote whitening.

Detergent Booster

For instance, we recommend soaking your stained sheets overnight in a detergent booster like OxiClean or Borax. To soak:

  1. Put hot water in a basin or bucket before adding your natural detergent booster.
  2. Put your white sheet with yellow stains in the solution and massage it to ensure it is well soaked.
  3. Leave it overnight.

The natural detergent booster loosens the yellow stains, helping whiten the white stained sheet. This prolonged exposure to a natural fabric whitener reverses any signs of yellowing on your white sheet.

White Distilled Vinegar Solution

Alternatively, soak your stained white sheets in a white distilled vinegar solution. However, in this case, soak it for about one hour before washing. Such can be ideal for last-minute yellow stain removal.

Add about a third a cup to your basin or bucket containing hot water before soaking your sheet. Still, spraying hot water and white distilled vinegar solution on the yellow stains has the same result.

However, some people prefer adding the white distilled vinegar solution to the fabric softener dispenser of their washing machine. They would then proceed and use it during the washing process. All in all, white distilled vinegar solution removes yellow stains on white sheets, softens fabric, and neutralizes odors. In addition, it is gentler and safer than chlorine bleach.

We advise against using apple vinegar solution as it will stain your white sheets, worsening an already bad situation.

Set Your Washing Machine Temperature To Hot And Add Enough Gentle Laundry Detergent

Start by placing your soaked white sheet in your machine wash, then set the temperature to hot. Next, add the right amount of gentle liquid laundry detergent.

It is said that sometimes, people put excessive laundry detergent. They do this believing that the more detergent they use, the more stains they remove. Also, some people opt for strong detergent hoping for similar results. However, using strong and/or excessive laundry detergents only wears out your stained white sheet without necessarily removing the yellow stains.

Add Lemon Juice Or Baking Soda To Your Washing Machine

Adding either lemon juice or baking soda to your machine wash helps in removing the stubborn yellow stains. Lemon juice, for instance, has natural bleaching properties. In addition, they work as natural deodorants, especially if your stained white sheet has an odor.

Add either half a cup of baking soda or natural lemon juice from one lemon to your detergent and wash. Also, using lemon juice at this step neutralizes the smell of vinegar. Using this hack assures you of crisp-white and fresh-smelling bed sheets.

Rinse Your Clean White Sheets Properly

Doing multiple rinses on your white sheets eliminates any stubborn stains. The dirtier or more discolored your final rinsing water is, the more likely it is for stains to persist. With this, ensure that the last rinsing water comes out as clean as ever.

Air-Dry Your Clean White Sheets Under Direct Sunlight

The last and equally important step is allowing the correct drying of your clean white sheets. The best way to dry white sheets and promote yellow stain removal is by hanging them in direct sunlight.

Here, the sun aids in the bleaching out of any stubborn yellow spots. In addition, it prevents the future formation of these yellow spots.

However, ensure that your white sheet is completely dry before folding and putting them away. Using or folding a damp white sheet could lead to smelly sheets or easy staining.

Why White Sheets Turn Yellow

White sheets turn yellow due to the following reasons;

Body Oils

Your body naturally releases oils that could accumulate on your white sheet during sleep. These then result in stains that turn yellow with time.

Accumulated Sweat And Other Body Fluids

Almost all human beings sweat as it is a natural human activity. However, some sweat more than others and hence have their white sheets more prone to sweat-staining than others. It is even worse if you sleep on white sheets and experience night sweating.

Other body fluids that promote yellow stains on white sheets include tears, saliva, genital fluids, and vomit. You may not notice the yellowing once these body fluids contact the white sheets. However, these stains darken, and the yellow stains become more significant with time.

Skincare, Hair, And Beauty Products

Some people have extensive evening skincare and hair care routines. However, going to bed with no hair covering like bonnets allows your white bed sheet to absorb these products. Also, as you sleep, your skin rubs on your white sheet, leading to the transfer of products that stain it.

Spills Like Food, Snacks, Wine, Alcohol, And Soft Drinks

Sleeping in crisp white sheets calls for one thing; carefulness. Therefore, people with meals, snacks, and drinks in bed could spill them, staining your white sheets.

Age And Improper Care

Sometimes, a white sheet turns yellow after several years of use. In addition, failing to wash it often worsens the discoloration.

How To Prevent White Sheets From Getting Yellow Stains

Unavoidable stains from body oils form the most common form of yellowing. However, you do not have to often go through the hectic process of cleaning your white sheets. Here are ways to prevent white sheets from yellowing;

Avoid Eating In Bed

We understand how cozy it can be to have your meal in bed. However, if you are the person to have a party in your bed, it is time to quit. Such reduces staining caused by the spillage of foods or drinks.

Wash Your White Sheets Separately From Other Fabrics

It requires common sense to separate your white fabrics from others before washing. Such prevents color transfer which could cause staining and discoloration.

Conduct A Deep-Clean On Your White Sheet Often

This involves using hot water and stain-removal and whitening additives. These include using a detergent booster, lemon juice, baking soda, white distilled vinegar solution, and enough mild detergent. Also, avoid chemical bleach and thoroughly rinse your white sheets before sun-drying.

Avoid Using Chemical Fabric Softeners

Despite softening your white sheets, most chemical fabric softeners are hard to rinse out well. We, therefore, recommend using only natural softeners like lemon juice which also works as a natural bleach.

Change Your Bedtime Routine

Practice proper hygiene before going to bed. Such includes washing your face, feet, and hands. Also, if you must use hair and face oils before bedtime, use a bonnet or a protective sheet. Such prevents contact with the sheet, which could then stain it.

Sleep In A Cool Bedroom

If you are a night sweater or hot sleeper, lowering your room temperature reduces sweating. You could use a room fan or air conditioner. Such lowers the chance of yellow stains caused by sweating.

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White Sheets That Do Not Turn Yellow

Did you know that there are sheets that do not turn yellow? If you gave up on white cotton or linen sheets due to yellowing, try sheets woven with silver fibers. These work by killing bacteria, hence preventing staining and odor.


Getting yellow stains out of white sheets is only possible with the proper knowledge and products. Still, we recommend knowing how to avoid the appearance of these yellow stains, to begin with. Such include sleeping cool, avoiding eating in bed, and changing your bedtime routine.